That´s oatsome!


Genuine Oat Bread!

Every baker dreams of baking oat-based bread. Based on many years of research, Oates has now developed a recipe that makes that dream come true. Now you can enjoy a fresh, gluten-free bread and at same time reap the health benefits that oats have to offer!

Our Oat Bread

  • Everyone can eat it
  • Good for sensitive stomachs
  • Made especially for gluten-intolerant persons
  • Contains nutritious polyunsaturated fatty acids, resistant starch, proteins, fibres and vitamins
  • No additives
  • Suitable for vegans Contains no animal products
  • Makes you feel satisfied longer

One slice of Oates bread contains as much oats as a portion of oatmeal!

Why Just Now?

What hasn’t there been a rich oat bread until now – especially considering all the benefits oats offer? The problem is that oats do not contain gluten the way every other grain does. Without gluten (Latin for “glue”), it is largely impossible to make the dough elastic. Lacking this quality makes it very difficult to bake bread. However, through systematic studies of the oat proteins, fats and carbohydrates, Oates has now found a solution to this problem!

Pure Oat – Naturally Gluten Free

Oates bread tastes like oats – and everyone can eat it! The bread is truly unique, as no less than 83% of the bread’s ingredients (by dry weight) comes from the nutritious oats. Since oats are naturally gluten-free, even those with sensitive stomachs can enjoy a fresh, tasty and straightforward bread. Oates contains no artificial ingredients or additives.

Our oats comes from farmers in Sweden and other Nordic countries, where there is considerable expertise in oats and where preventing contamination from other grains is important. Oates only bakes bread made from “pure oats”. Having pure oats means that during the entire production chain, the grain has been processed according to strict regulations in order to prevent gluten contamination.

About Oates

Oates is not one of the largest bakeries, but on the other hand, it is probably the most innovative. Our bakery is located in Helsingborg in the south of Sweden. Years of research have gone into our bread. The lifelong enthusiasm of Oates’ managing director, Hans Jungvid, for oats serves as the foundation of our business enterprise. Hans is a nutrition expert, who at an early stage took an interest in the healthy properties of oats, and the expertise that would be required in order to offer this kind of product that Oates is now introducing. In addition to Hans, Oates is managed by people with a great deal of knowledge in bakery techniques and foodstuffs development, and they have a passion for tasty and natural food.

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